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Shazza Mid Strength 3.5%

She might not pack a punch like the rest of the family but Shazza’s character is unmissable. A sessionable ale that’s milder on the palate yet still retains well-rounded flavour.

Digga’s Pale Ale 4.5%

Digga’s Pale Ale is brewed with a unique blend of hops and a fruity yeast to give it a spicy yet nostalgic flavour. Just like Digga, this beer has the taste and character of a bygone era.

Fat Man Maroon Ale 4.5%

Our milder variety of hops will leave behind a slight bitter taste, but we promise it’ll be nothing like what a New South Welshman experiences after frequent losses. You can’t lose with Fat Man!

GED Ginger Extra Dry 4.8%

Whether it’s Ranger, Blood Nut, Bluey or simply just Red, the endless nicknames have made you lot a resilient bunch! You’re larrikins to boot and you should wear your dry sense of humour as a badge of honour.

Phar Que Belgian Abby Ale 6.5%

Phar Que’s a dark horse and this beer, his legacy, is dark in colour but sweet in nature. It’ll sharpen your senses, raise your hopes and get your heart galloping.





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